Vision - Mission & Objective


NiSAN is recognized by its customers and sales partners as the premier manufacturers representative in Turkey. NiSAN is characterized by its committment to its customers in both government and the private sector and through our focused representation in the fields of Aeronautics – ATM & ATC, Meteorology, Defense & Security and required Services & Supports.

Mission & Objective

NiSAN’s mission is to provide a combination of the best technologies along with the best consulting, contracting and project management and system integration services in Turkey, Europe, and the Middle East. To be a major driving force in Turkey, Europe and the Middle East considered a leader in the areas of Aeronautics – ATM & ATC, Meteorology, Defense & Security because of our ability to drive down costs and save time without sacrificing performance or quality with the operational goal is to deliver solutions which are fully compliant with customer requirements and expectations to increase the value of the companies it serves.