Prior to the name of NiSAN, it was established as an unlimited liability company named NORM Electro-Technical Services Unlimited Liability Company in 1981.

However, with the structural change of the company in the later years, registered with the name as NiSAN Electronic Instrumentation Company Incorporation in 1997.

NiSAN’s prime business line is about Aeronautics – ATM & ATC, Meteorology and Defense. NiSAN is dedicated to provide highest quality and most reliable products, systems and services, and with its focus as an outsourcing resource it is uniquely positioned to provide and support innovative and agile business oriented solutions for aeronautics, meteorology and defense.

Another business line of NiSAN is about Analytical Test, Measurement and Process Control Systems, Computing Systems for Electronics Instrumentation about Laboratory Testing and Analysis, Process Control & Automation.

NiSAN offers a broad product line combining leading edge computer technology with an experienced and talented engineering and management staff. Our unified global electronics instrumentation outsourcing business enables us to deliver the best products as well application development and maintenance services. NiSAN’s solutions combine the leading technical solutions from reliable providers and are carefully tailored to our clients business needs, requirements and budgets.